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What Happens If The Package Is Seized By Customs?

Unfortunately, due to extenuating circumstances, some international orders may get stopped by the customs agency in your country. Please read our full customs disclaimer:

CUSTOMS DISCLAIMER: We will not be responsible for any customs restrictions, tariffs, or other regulations that may apply in countries outside the United States. If you have any questions, we encourage you to speak with your customs office directly. We do not keep track of all the changing laws in all the different countries, although we will ship any products you order to the address you provide. It's your responsibility to check with your country's Customs office to see if your country allows the shipment of products you ordered (or wish to order) to your country.

We will give you the best service and ship the products you order very quick at the rates that we have agreed to on our site. If for whatever reason the package is seized by Customs Officials, we will not issue you a refund unless all products are returned to us in resalable condition. Most orders make it through customs fine and the majority of orders that are stopped are returned to us. You are ultimately responsible for any shipping charges regardless of the outcome. You pay shipping charges based on the weight of the package and shipping type selected.

Any duties or taxes that may apply to the order are your responsibility to pay.

By ordering from our site you are stating that you agree to our ordering policies and FAQ.

What if my country cannot import RYSE products?

This is something that we're continuing to work on for our global customers.

Some countries allow our products in with no issue, while some restrict certain products.

In short, we've established several solutions:

  1. If your country has a RYSE online store you will automatically be re-directed to it.
  2. We don't restrict purchases in our US online store, so make sure to understand what your country's customs rules are BEFORE buying. Once your product/package gets held up in customs there is little we can do to help you.
  3. We have brick & mortar retail stores that carry our products in many countries, check with your local supplement distributors. If they don't have RYSE yet make sure to request that they start carrying RYSE products.

Do You Need To Cycle RYSE Supplements?

No, we don't use any ingredients that are pro-hormonal. While we do suggest taking breaks for caffeine tolerance, there is no need to stop taking RYSE after any timeframe.

Can I Drink Coffee With RYSE Pre-Workout?

Drinking coffee or other products that contain caffeine with RYSE Pre-Workout & RTD is ok but separate the doses by at least 2-4 hours. We also suggest you talk with your doctor before taking over 400mg of caffeine daily.

Can I Use RYSE While Pregnant?

We advise that anyone wanting to take supplements while pregnant consult with a licensed physician. They will be able to provide this answer.

How do I become a Sponsored RYSE Athlete?

All of our RYSE Athletes first join our Ryse to Greatness Affiliate program and move up the tiers to become RYSE Athletes! Click here for more information!

Are there any banned ingredients in RYSE Products?

No, ALL of RYSE Products deemed legal and allowed in all major athletic institutions, including NCAA standards.

Is RYSE FDA Approved?

While supplement companies themselves do not go through an FDA approval process, ALL of our products are manufactured in a level 3 FDA Approved and Regulated Facility. 

Does RYSE have any stimulant free pre-workout products?

The RYSE PUMP formula or Liquid PUMP Capsules make great non-stimulant pre-workout options and can be taken on their own!

Are there any RYSE Vegan products?

At this time, RYSE Project Blackout is the ONLY certified vegan product that RYSE has.

Are RYSE Products Gluten Free?

Yes, all of our products are gluten free. However, all of our products are made in a facility that makes products that contain gluten. 

I’m sensitive to caffeine, which pre-workout would be best for me?

We would recommend starting with the CORE pre-workout if you are sensitive to caffeine. You can even start with a half scoop to first access your tolerance and slowly build from there. Our PUMP product also makes a great NON-stim pre workout option if you are looking for no stimulants/caffeine. 

How much Caffeine is in your pre-workout products?

RYSE Project: Blackout Pre-Workout contains 400mg of Caffeine per Serving.

RYSE Core Pre-Workout contains 275mg of Caffeine per Serving.

Are supplements safe for people under the age of 18?

Most studies regarding supplements are used in individuals over the age of 18. We generally do not recommend any of our supplements to those that are under 18. RYSE LOADED PROTEIN would be the exception in this case, as it is technically a food source and would be safe for a teenage athlete or weightlifter.

I’m new to supplements, what are the best ones to start with?

Depending on your goals, the supplements you choose to take may vary. That being said, RYSE LOADED PROTEIN is considered a staple in any fitness program- whether its muscle gain, fat loss, or endurance training. It would be a good idea to start with protein! RYSE Pre is the second most popular product, after protein.