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What Fuels Your "Y" ?

RYSE is more than just a brand, we are here to help you write your story.

The Story Of
pronounced: rise

RYSE was nothing but an idea. A dream. But it didn’t stay there. Success in life, as well as in the gym, begins by winning the small, daily battles. We all have dreams, plans, goals, but what are YOU doing every day to take action? RYSE isn’t an overnight success, and it didn’t become one of the leading supplement brands in the industry by accident.

Our team is on a DAILY mission to get the word out to every person to fuel their greatness. We’re here to be a part of your come up story, and help make those dreams of YOURS into a reality.

Our Mission

At RYSE®, it is our mission to fuel your greatness, no matter how gritty, long, and challenging your rise to success may be. We’d all like to meet our best self one day. It’s not always easy to become that person. Nothing great ever is. But one thing is universal: the best outcomes arise from the most difficult challenges.

We are here for the fighters, for those who don’t take no for an answer. We’re here for the self-taught, for the self-made, and the self-reliant: for those who rise above their own expectations. We are here to fuel your come-up story, and we’re in your corner telling you to get back on your feet with products that are pure, powerful, and proven to work. We don’t sell shortcuts; we just make the long road ahead as productive as possible.

- Nic Stella, CEO & Founder


RYSE makes a huge push into its canned energy drink, RYSE FUEL. Winning Clash of the cans and gaining momentum with chain wide distribution such as Buc-ees, QT and CircleK as well as launching 7 new flavors.

Taking the industry by storm launching iconic licenses such as Skippy Loaded Protein, Country Time™ Pre-Workout as well as new products like Loaded Creatine, Pump Daddy, Stim-Daddy and many new flavors of existing products.

Expanding nationwide domination by launching into GNC with exclusive products and energy drinks. Accomplishing these tasks all while gaining more national distribution as well as expanding the assortment in Walmart. Supporting all of this with UFC Champion, Sean O'Malley, and becoming The Official Energy Drink of the Buffalo Sabres.

To accommodate such growth, RYSE moves into it's new 80,000 square foot headquarters located in Prosper, Texas.


This was the year of focus and exponential growth for the brand through many factors including: flavor expansion, formulas and retail domination.

The launch of Smarties® Loaded Pre, Kool-Aid™ Loaded Pre, Bazooka® Loaded Pre, Gingerbread Protein, new Godzilla flavors, Creatine, Chocolate Cookie Blast Loaded Protein, and many more.

RYSE launches the largest Walmart assortment in the supplement category to date. This included 2 licensed proteins (Jet-Puffed™ and Moonpie®), as well as two licensed pre-workouts, two BCAA Focus and Pump Cap Max.

RYSE Fuel was born and starts its nationwide footprint being offered at every Vitamin Shoppe.


Our customers proved that they remain strong and loyal during a global disruption. 2021 brings a new era of post-lockdown grit. The ryse family proved to be a staple of strength and progress during a time when our world needed it most. As we usher in this new era, we welcome new ways to get things done. With unprecedented growth we lead the charge forward rising to greatness.

Noel Deyzel joins the team as the face of RYSE supplements while taking on new social media platforms. Signing over 20 athletes our elite team grew by the day.

Pump caps were reformulated to a more advanced formula known as Pump Cap Max. The release of our first licensed pre-workout was born in June with the Sunny-D™ flavor.

We continued our retail expansion launching into all Vitamin Shoppes, quickly becoming the number one selling brand.

In October we launched our second licensed pre-workout Loaded Pre Ring-Pop® in a cherry flavor. We didn’t stop there though, on Black Friday we released our highly sought after Godzilla Pre-Workout.

RYSE wins the Stacked 3d Protein Wars for the first time in December beating out iconic brands to bring home the trophy.


RYSE has expectations to experience exponential growth entering Europa for their domestic distribution partner. With the product line growing RYSE is expected to be in over 25 new countries by the end of the year.

We launched our highly anticipated non-carbonated RTD landing in gyms including Gold's Gym, X-Sport and many more.

Pump caps were born becoming a convenient on-the-go option for pre-workout and effective pump.


This year marks the launch of our new Project: Blackout line that is geared toward the more “hardcore” lifter. Project: Blackout consists of a nitrate and high stimulant based pre-workout as well as a non-stim pump product.

RYSE had a short stay in Buffalo, NY before relocating back to Dallas, TX.

In 2019 we expanded our Loaded Protein SKU by adding the flavor fruity crunch to it.  The launch of our RYSE to Greatness ambassador program was born, signing up over 25,000 people worldwide.


After only a few months in operations we grew into our second warehouse in Frisco, Texas.  We launched 2 flavors of our highly anticipated and top selling SKU protein known as RYSE Loaded Protein.

We expanded globally with massive distribution in Europe, Australia, South Africa and many domestic stores. We also landed our loaded protein into every GNC nationwide. The pink blast pre-workout was also added to the lineup under our core line of pre-workout.


The launch of RYSE was a few days before black friday in november 2017. Starting with only 2 flavors of Pre-Workout, BCAA + EAAs and our capsule products we took on a highly competitive industry.

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