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RYSE FUEL Becomes Official Energy Drink of The Buffalo Sabres

RYSE FUEL, the rapidly growing and evolving energy drink brand renowned for its collaborations, announced a new partnership with the Buffalo Sabres. The new move means that Ryse energy drinks will now become the team’s official brand of choice for unparalleled performance and power during both training and games.

Currently available in more than 30,000 outlets across the US including in regional Walmarts, GNC, and all Vitamin Shoppe stores, QuikTrip, as well as select locations in the Arizona and Nevada Circle K stores, RYSE FUEL has been the go-to choice for thousands of individuals for many years.

To date, the energy drink’s iconic partnerships with brands like Kool-aid, Country Time Lemonade, and SunnyD have meant they have firmly positioned themselves as a household name in the energy drink market — favored by influencers, celebrities, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and your everyday active consumer. Now, it’s expected the brand’s latest venture and collaboration with the Buffalo Sabres will ignite even further opportunities and help them to tap into growing and emerging markets.

CEO and Founder of RYSE FUEL, Nic Stella explained that this partnership, which has been in the pipeline for many months, is more than just business. “I am excited to bring back a part of a brand I have built over the last 6 years to where I grew up. I watched the Sabres growing up and can’t wait to see my brand all over and sold in Key Bank Arena as well as on TV with the Sabres playing.”

For Nic Stella, his connection with the Buffalo Sabres transcends to childhood, having grown up in the city before moving to Dallas. For this reason, this latest partnership is even more poignant than previous collaborations.

RYSE FUEL has enjoyed notable growth across the US in recent years, which undoubtedly aligns with the Sabres in what can only be described as both an emotional and strategic partnership; it’s expected that new ventures may come from this initial collaboration.

So far, news has been revealed by RYSE FUEL’s official social media channels in a recent Instagram post. More details and news are expected to be released shortly.


RYSE FUEL is a premium energy drink brand, founded in the US, and committed to providing delicious and quality products for every type of energy need. Their iconic and inventive partnerships with household names like SunnyD, Country Time Lemonade, and Kool-aid showcase their ability to create and excel in today’s saturated market.

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