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Melt Stack


This stack is designed to help you melt fat all while living your best life. Our Burner is the industry’s first ever time-released fat burner. Delivering clean energy, nootropics for focus and appetite suppression, and increased core metabolic temperature, this Burner is the only one of its kind. Our Vitafocus delivers all the vitamins, minerals, and micro-nutrients your body needs while incorporating nootropics for focus and improved cognitive function. Our Loaded Protein was developed to increase your body’s ability to absorb protein, as well as aid in building muscle and speedier recovery. We also added MCT oils to our Loaded Protein to increase your metabolism and fat burning capabilities as your body will use it as fuel rather than storing for later use. You’re here to make a change. RYSE is here to help you every step of the way.

What you get:

  • 1 Time Released Burner

  • 1 Vitafocus

  • 1 Loaded Protein

What is this stack used for:

  • Burner for increased core metabolic temperature, appetite suppression, and all-day time-released energy

  • Vitafocus for vitamin and mineral optimization with nootropics for laser focus and improved cognitive function

  • Loaded protein for meal replacement or recovery from fat burning workouts

How to use this stack:

  • The Burner should be taking after your first meal of the day. Do not take within 5hrs of our Ryse Preworkout.

  • Take the Vitafocus in the morning with your first meal before work.

  • The Loaded Protein is intended to be used as a meal replacement in this stack. Look to use at lunch or for a late afternoon snack to help you feel full.

Work out hard, feel your best, FUEL YOUR GREATNESS.





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