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How To Optimize Diet & Fitness For Your Body Type

If you didn't know, everybody is different. I know that's a groundbreaking concept, right? But not everyone is optimizing their workouts and nutrition. Not everyone should be doing the same type of workouts or eating the same type of foods. There are three different body types, and it's your body type that determines how well you will respond to certain types of training and food consumption.

What are the Three Different Body Types?

The three different body types: ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph. There are certain typical characteristics that can help you figure out which body type you have. This will help you to be able to tailor your training and eating habits accordingly to reach your fitness goals.

1. Ectomorph Body Type

The typical characteristics of an ectomorph

  • Long and lean
  • Delicate frame
  • Hard to gain weight – muscle or fat
  • Body similar to a marathon runner
  • Fast metabolism


If you are an ectomorph body type, it is harder for you to gain muscle and fat. To help in the muscle building, try to do compound movements instead of isolated movements. When you're doing compound movements you're using more muscle groups in one exercise.

An example of a compound movement would be a barbell squat. You are working your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. An isolated workout would be a leg extension because it's only working the quads.

This does not mean you should completely quit isolation workouts but it means that your main focus should be on compound exercises. Once you have finished your compound work, then start to use isolation workouts as accessories or to put the finishing touches on.


Ectomorphs can get away with eating more carbs than the other body types. However, this does not mean that you can just start eating whatever you want and it won't affect your body!

With that said, it's best to stick to complex carbs that can leave you feeling fuller for longer. It will also help to push protein to your muscles to help them to grow. If you aren’t sure what complex carbs are... a simple google search goes a long way!

Notes: Since ectomorphs can have a hard time putting on size, it would be a no brainer to use additional supplements along with a healthy well-rounded diet. Fortunately RYSE carries the BEST BCAAs and protein shakes on the market that will without a doubt give you that extra boost!

2. Endomorph Body Type

Typical characteristics of an endomorph:

  • Stocky build
  • Wider body
  • Stores fuel (both muscle and fat) in the lower half of their bodies
  • Has more muscle as well but usually, this comes with more fat
  • Has the best strength advantage out of the three different body types but may find it difficult to stay lean
  • Slow metabolism


To start losing fat, it is best for endomorphs to really up their intense aerobic exercise by focusing on interval training like HIIT (high-intensity interval training) instead of LISS (low-intensity steady state cardio).

Endomorphs should train their overall body to see results instead of just focusing on one area. Whole body training will obviously burn more calories. Endomorphs need to fire up their metabolism. For this reason, they should do both hypertrophy (build muscle - heavy weight, fewer reps) and conditioning. This will ignite your metabolism and you will be burning calories even after your workout is done.


It is important for Endomorphs to have discipline when it comes to eating. They need to be more strict with their eating plan than the other body types. Endomorphs should eat fewer carbs and increase their higher protein intake. Avoid simple carbs like white bread and eat more complex ones like sweet potatoes.

Notes: Stress levels can cause endomorphs to keep fat around their midsection. To combat this, you should avoid overtraining so that you can properly recover. Also, make sure you are getting an adequate amount of sleep.

3. Mesomorph Body Type

Typical characteristics of mesomorph:

  • Middle of the body types
  • Can be lean and muscular simultaneously
  • Natural athletics build with well-defined muscles


It is a lot easier for Mesomorphs to build muscle and lose fat than both of the other two body types.  Mesomorphs do not have to go insanely heavy on the weights to get results. You can lift moderately and still see results.

With that said, it is best to still have cardio as a regular part of your training, because while they can lose fat easier than the other body type it doesn’t mean that they are completely immune from gaining it. Cardio will help get your heart rate up and your blood flowing...sparking that metabolism.


If you are a mesomorph, your regular diet should include equal amounts of protein and fat, with a moderate amount of carbs making up the rest. Like the other body types, you should still focus on complex carbs to give your body clean energy and keep full in a sustainable and healthy way.

You may be a mix of two body types….

There is no one-size-fits-all. You could be a combo of two body types. This was meant to give you a little insight on which body type characteristics you may have. This will allow you to adjust your diet and training to help you get the best results possible.

I hope this was helpful. Keep working hard. Every day get a little bit better.

Josh Gibson
RYSE Coach

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