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Fats. The Good And The Bad

If You Don't Know Already Fats Are One Of The Three Macronutrients Our Bodies Need To Function.

Why? Because fats protect our organs, they promote growth and development as well as proper absorption of vitamin and minerals. Now just because the word “fat” has a negative connotation, not all fats are bad for you actually most nutritionists recommend fats contain about 20-35% of your diet. It does all depend on your specific dictated diet (if any), the type of fat and time of day you consume it.

So which are good and which are bad? Choose foods that contain unsaturated fats over saturated fats such as avocado, nuts, fish or olive oil to name a few versus the common saturated ones like cream or butter.

Fats are best consumed in the morning with your breakfast as it helps stabilize blood sugar levels and provide you that extra bump of energy for your day. Now some nutritionists claim that when it comes to pre and post workout nutrition getting nutrients into your bloodstream is of course important but fats specifically aren't necessary to stress over when it comes to your pre or post workout meals. Before bed though is a definite yes being that fats are a slower digesting macronutrient consuming some healthy fats with your protein before going to bed will allow you to preserve muscle mass while you sleep.

Like anything else when it comes to nailing that diet hurdle it’s all in your choices and sources where it will matters most. Don’t be mislead, fats in moderation are good and most importantly necessary in a healthy diet.

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