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Dealing With Fitness Commitment Issues

Are You One Of The Guilty "I'll Start Monday" People?

Do you have issues sticking to your diet or workout regimen? Are you one of those guilty “I’ll start Monday” people? Well don’t worry you are not alone and it is not hard to get back on that horse and stay on it. My advice for people who have a problem with consistency is create smaller shorter term goals. Instead of wanting to lose 50 pounds this year aim for something a little more realistic and attainable like dedicating two hours every weekend to meal prepping your food for the week.

For example, start by tackling the little things. Meal prep your meals for the week cutting out one excuse for you to fall off. Then start committing time to getting to the gym two or three times a week. And work your way up from there. Health and wellness should be a lifestyle not a fad so make it a priority not a chore.

You have to hold yourself accountable and be your own motivation therefore every small goal you do accomplish will give you more and more fuel to stay on that horse and aim for bigger and better goals. It’s a matter of making yourself proud seeing what you’re capable of and making it habitual. Every pro and person started somewhere and so will you. Positive attitude and confidence will get you far and more importantly keep you healthy and happy.

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