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Carb Cycling

Trying Diets & Not Seeing Results ? You May Want To Try Carb Cycling!

"Utilize High Carb Days For More Demanding Lifts"

If you’ve tried a lot of diets and are still not seeing the results you want or don’t quite understand them one other one to consider is carb cycling. A lot of people naturally think “okay I need to eat less and stay away from carbs to lose weight” well to the contrary this isn't a hundred percent accurate. Of course you do have to watch your portions and food choices but cutting out an entire macronutrient all together from your diet will definitely do more harm than good.


Before going into the detail of how to carb cycle let’s talk about what a carbohydrate is and why we all need them. A carbohydrate is one of the three macronutrients our bodies need to sustain its functions being that it can not produce macronutrients on its own we need to receive them by our food choices. Carbs usually have a bad connotation but there are two types of carbs; simple and complex. Carbs like deep green wholesome vegetables are better than candies and sugars but when it comes to cycling essentially you are playing with the timing of those carbs and intakes.

A couple typical ways to carb cycle are keep carbs low (will vary per individual) for a string of days, and then jump the carbs back up on the following day. For example, three days of 50g of carbs total which is pretty low but on the fourth consume 150g. In doing this you are shocking your metabolism creating a spike to allow you to burn more fat at that point. This is a great method for people who feel they have plateaued or maybe are in a more relaxed state in their diets and want to try something different that isn’t completely restrictive.


Some tips to also keep in mind when choosing this diet route. Utilize your high carb days for your heavier more energy demanding lifts, expect water gain, and decrease fat on your high carb days. Of course always consult with your doctor or a professional before committing to new diet structures but give it a shot and see if this the what your body might just take to best.

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